EAGLES Program

What is the EAGLES program?
Why should I apply?
How can I apply?
How do I prepare for the program?

What is the EAGLES program?

The Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability(EAGLES) program is a dual degree exchange program for Drexel University students in the B.S/M.S program. Through this program you will have a chance to study in Milan and complete research in Madrid, gaining two Masters degrees in the process, one from Drexel and one from Politecnico Di Milano. You can find more information in this brochure: EAGLES program brochure or at this link:

Why should I apply?

If you want a chance to study abroad this is an amazing opportunity. You get to study in two different countries and explore Europe while getting two masters degrees. You will meet international students from all over the world and get a chance to learn a new language through immersion in the Italian culture as well as through the free Italian language courses offered through the program.

How can I apply?

For more information on your eligibility and how to apply go to this page: http://drexel.studioabroad.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=23775

NOTE: You must be a Drexel University student in the B.S/M.S or Supernova program with at least a 3.25 GPA to be considered.

How do I prepare for the program?

You should plan for this program as early as possible in your Drexel career to avoid some of the struggles I had. I only had about 3 months to plan everything, get my visa, and I had to figure out classes and everything on the fly. Because of this I ended up having to take 30 credits, which is 6 masters classes per term at Politecnico Di Milano, which is exhausting and limits the amount of traveling I could do. Don’t worry, I still had time to travel but I felt overwhelmed during finals and if you read a lot of my posts, I had to be in class a lot of the time and when I wasn;t in class, I was studying. To avoid this get some Master’s classes out of the way before you reach PoliMi and make sure your credits will transfer so you only have to take 2-3 classes per term while you are abroad.

You can do some research on the programs offered by looking at Poli Mi’s international website which organizes the programs by programs taught in English and those taught in Italian: http://www.polinternational.polimi.it/index.php?id=196.

You should also search through the Universidad Politecnica Di Madrid’s(UPM) website to find a research lab with facilities where you can carry out the research you have been conducting at Drexel, or, if you haven’t done any research at Drexel, has a research project that interests you. Then you should contact the head of the lab to see if he/she would be willing to form a collaboration with you and/or allow you to use their facilities to carry out your research there in the summer. You can search for research lab/researchers here: http://www.upm.es/observatorio/vi/index.jsp?pageac=investigadores.jsp.

Take Italian lessons/learn some Italian. Your classes may be in English, but many people in Italy, especially Milan, do not speak English. There are Italian language courses provided as part of the program, but I found it difficult to pick up the language from these classes and frequently found myself frustrated when trying to communicate when I first arrived in Italy.


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