I am back in Milan again, in a hotel in the middle of nowhere near the Linate airport. It’s a beautiful hotel and there is a barn and horses here:) I could smell it as I got out of the car and, unlike most people, I kind of enjoy that smell. I always wanted to live on a farm for some reason haha. I had to get a shuttle to the hotel because it is in middle of nowhere and with two bulky and heavy bags and a solid carry on, I wasn’t really up to taking shuttle to Centrale or Linate and switching to  cab because it was way too much work. My driver was very nice and it was actually not so expensive and saved me a lot of hassle.

I still say that I am coming home with a lot less than I brought with me as I dropped stuff in places on the way. Some of that was intentional and some of it not. But for all those following in my footsteps if you learn one thing when you are abroad, it will be how to live as a minimalist because dragging along a lot of stuff is annoying and obnoxious. 

I had quite an interesting trip to the airport this morning. I don’t know if it was because I was tired or just excited to go hom, but I had an interesting perspective on my journey to Milan this morning. First it started with me trying to get through the hallways to the elevator of my hotel in Madrid in utter blackness because the motion sensors on the lights didn’t pick me up until i was halfway down the hall. Then my cab driver came and his cab smelled like baby prostitutes (this is a mean girls reference haha but it perfectly describes what the car smelled like) and he had  what I think Turkish music on in the car although the guy looked an irishman (pale skin and red hair) and spoke English with a British accent so he might actually have been from or visited the UK. 

Then I got to the airport and it was like I was moving in slow motion and everyone else was in fast forward. I fun my way to the check in counter and there were Americans behind me speaking a mile a minute (Nicole S. they could have even given you a run for your money) and in my head they sounded like Alvin and the chipmunks. Then the lady at the check in was like did you pay for a bag after I had told her that I did. Then she gives me a strange looks and she gets on the phone so I am kind of confused and she starts speaking super fast in Spanish arguing with someone about me paying for a bag and I thought she was going to make me pay again but when she gets off the phone she says I paid for two bags and only needed to pay for one and I should complain online. I checked my receipt again when I got to the hotel in Milan and I swear I only paid for one bag,  but I am at least going to contact them and ask what she was talking about. Hey, I could use the 50 euros man.

Everything was actually okay until i went to get on the plane. I had some breakfast at a Tapas bar because it was one of the only things open but it was fine. Just got some tea, orange juice and a brioche. Then in AirEuropas infinite wisdom they decided to board the plane from both ends, which is usually fine, except they did not do it properly and it was a complete disaster. Before we boarded the plane they said the front half of the plane should board from the front and the back half should board from the back. Makes perfect sense, except when the first bus got there they made everyone board from the front which again would have been fine if they continued that but they made the second board from the back and did not give any regard to the tickets people were holding. Therefore I was literally in the last row of the plane and had to push past people and there was another American I passed who was in the 5th row of the plane and had to push her way there from the back. We were both displeased to say the least. I expect something like this from Ryanair or one of the other cheapo companies, but AirEuropa? You need to get your stuff together.

Anyways, I am so excited to come home tomorrow! Wish me luck that everything goes well with my flight to America and I will see (some of you) soon:)