I am now in my final days in Europe, all my tests are taken, my research(well at least the experimental part) is completed, my bags are packed and I am ready to come home. I will fill you in on my last couple of weeks here, but before I do I wanted to let you know my pictures from London are finally in the Photo Gallery, so check them out!

So last week as you know, I had my final exams in Milan, which went pretty well. Then Tuesday I said my final goodbye to all my friends(who could make it) in Milan. We went to this all you can eat sushi restaurant which was amazing and then got gelato at the Duomo. I can even say now I will miss Milan a little bit, but mostly will miss the great friends I have made and the fun (and stressful) time we have shared.

Then I flew back to Madrid for my final days of experiments and just finished everything in time. I have all my experimental results done and only have the theoretical computations and actual thesis writing to do. I sent my last night in my new apartment and had to say goodbye to my lovely host Minia this morning. We didn’t see each other much, but the apartment was beautiful and was perfect for the time I was there.

I had a lovely conversation with my cab driver this morning except he did most of the talking. I can understand a lot of Italian and Spanish now, but actually speaking still evades me. But he understood what I was trying to say. I hope to continue to improve my language skills when I get back to the states and I am a  Drexel ambassador for the Italian and Spanish students in the EAGLES program so hopefully I will get a chance to practice:)

Anyways, I fly to Milan on Monday and then will head to the States on Tuesday where I am sure my parents will be anxiously awaiting me. I can’t wait to see everyone and be back on US soil although I am going to miss Europe.