Hello loves,

I am back in Italia and of course, something had to go wrong when I got here. Luckily it was only that my hotel couldn’t find my reservation. Turns out they had ever even heard of the company I booked through, and the price was completely wrong, so I just had to pay full price for on night and move to a cheaper hotel the next day. Don’t worry, I am safely settled in my new hotel and have been studying essentially non stop since I got here.

I tok one exam Friday and did pretty well and now just have the most difficult exam I will take at PoliMi on Monday. No big haha. And I may still have one more exam to take on the Monday before I leave…how indicative of my time at PoliMi; it seems like the exam period is  never ending. Anyways, I am pretty sure the hotel staff thinks I am insane because the only time I have left the hotel the entire time I have been here is for exams and to get food. They are probably wondering why I bothered to come to Italy if I am going to stay in the hotel room the whole time. I would be wondering the same thing if I wasn’t so stressed about my exam Monday. Once I pass it I will have a second to breathe before I run back to Madrid to finish some experiments and then in a week and a half I will be back on US soil 🙂

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and back in Italia. Now back to studying!