Hello all,

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated because there is nothing too exciting happening. I live to work and study. I have to move to a different apartment in Spain tomorrow:( My current apartment has no internet(I bought a usb internet thing), the hot water keeps going out because it is windy and we have gas heating and there is this little flame that keeps the hot water on and it keeps blowing out, and my new roommates like to constantly turn the light right outside my door on and off all night despite me having asked several times to use the other light. So it’s time for a change.

Next week I go back to Milan to take more exams and I am not even close to ready yet, but I will be (maybe) haha. I don’t think anyone is ever really ready to take Pavan’s exam(I am sure all my PoliMi friends will agree). Then I come back to Madrid for a few days before flying back to Milan to take my flight home. I know it’s kind of stupid but I need every second in Spain I can get to finish my experimental work. Speaking of working in the lab, Victor and I were waiting for some of our gratings to be washed so we had some fun playing with the camera. Here is how awesome our outfits for the clean room are:

Victor and I in the nanolithography lab

Yeah that’s right, be jealous. That is pure style right there.

Anyways, things are actually going really well in the thesis department. The exam situation is iffy right now but will hopefully work itself out this weekend when I will be studying 24/7 in my new room. And , get excited, because I will be back on USA soil in 19 days! After being away for a whole year it’s going to be amazing to be back home. but also bittersweet because Europe is awesome. I will even miss Milan a little bit…a very little bit lol. But I will miss all of my awesome friends! And the food, but don’t worry because I am bringing recipes back:)