I am hoping that Google translate didn’t screw me over and that’s really how you say hello in Turkish. But anyways, I have arrived safely in Istanbul and my goodness is it gorgeous at night. I can’t wait to see it during the day. I am putting up the pictures I took in Stuttgart(which is not many because it’s not all that exciting) and the pics I took of Istanbul at night. I enjoyed my time visiting with Magda but unfortunately it reminded me of my friends and family at home and if I wasn’t having so much fun travelling I would be dying of homesickness now. lol. Stuttgart wasn’t all that exciting. It it really a commercial city where there’s not that much to do, but I was really only going there to visit Magda who is suffering some homesickness as well.

After our little miscommunication Friday night, we found each other and on Saturday we went to a farmer’s market in the center of Stuttgart and bught a bunch of fresh and delicious food. It was the first time in a long time I have seen American size portions, like sandwiches as big as my head so I bought a sandwich for breakfast that lasted me until 3pm haha. Then we went home and Magda coked while I worked a bit on my thesis. Sunday we just hung out because it was rainy and everything is closed on Sundays. Monday we went back to the center to do some shopping and putzed around the center of Stuttgart, but it was pretty lousy weather. In the afternoon we went and explored this large grocery store which took us a good hour to wander around although we bought very little. Today Magda had to go back to work so I just kind of hung out at her place until I had to start travelling around 10am. I finally arrived at my hostel not too long ago and the night manager does not speak English but luckily there is a nice Turkish boy on the third floor of the hostel who helped translate and he introduced me to an American woman from Washington who gave me the whole run down abut the hostel. Anyways, I am getting pretty tired and I want to get up early tomorrow to explore Istanbul with my friend Baran so I am going to upload those pics and go to bed. Nighty Night!