Happy Birthday dad! Didn’t want you to think I forgot about you I just haven’t had a chance to get on the internet today. I don’t remember how old you are(lucky you) or I would post it;) I do know that today you give the term “my old man” new meaning. But I kid you. Hopefully you had/have an amazing day and enjoy your gift that kate and I got for you:)

Today Magda and I went wandering around Stuttgart in the rain. We did some shopping and took some pictures but Stuttgart is not all that pretty so there was not too many places to take pictures. I will put them up when I have more time/more internet access. Tomorrow I head to Turkey to meet up with some friends there and am super excited to see Istanbul and Bursa and eat Turkish food. Plus I will get to see an old friends from the states and a couple of kids I met at PoliMi. It’s funny that I am already missing the friends I made at PoliMi even though we haven’t been apart that long. Anyways, I will hopefully update you tomorrow when I reach Turkey and settle into my hostel.