Sorry I have not been writing, but I have been super busy and tired since I have gotten to Spain. I am working like crazy to try and get experimental results or my thesis and am in lab from around 9am to 8pm every day and when I get home I eat and then sleep lol. 

But last weekend I did have some fun exploring Madrid:) Saturday I went to a flea market with my friend Brian and got some gifts and had fun wandering around the little shops. Then on Sunday I went to a Global Night Out event, which is is this organization that organizes fun events for people interested in language exchange. I learned some Spanish and met some cool people and I may hang out with them again this weekend if I have time.

Even though I am super busy I am loving Spain. And it have been relatively cool here the past couple of weeks. It just started getting hot, but I am in A/C most of the day anyways so it’s not a big deal. Thisis a city I could live in for awhile;) But I still can’t wait to come home and see all my friends and family.

This summer I have an amazing trip planned! I am going to visit my friend Magda in Germany, then meeting up with a bunch of friends in Turkey and finally spending some time in London:) The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical and it is playing in London so I am definitely going! I will update you more when I have time and the trip gets closer, but stay tuned in August for my summer European tour!