Hola Amigos,

I have been in Madrid for five days now and have already gotten set up here, started my research, and yesterday, even attended an exercise class in the park. It was pretty intense, but it was in this beautiful park, the instructors spoke English and the first time is free. I will try to continue it but  have so much on my plate already that  don’t know if I’ll have time.

What I pretended to feel like after bootcamp

What I actually felt like after bootcamp

Haha, bootcamp, after basically 9 months of no exercise, kicked my butt yesterday. But I hav really been enjoying my time here. I live in an awesome neighborhood near the center of town, so tomorrow I plan on going exploring:) I also put up a couple more pictures that I took of my room/neighborhood.

I don’t reall have a desk so I improvised one out of my closet lol and everyday I pass by this hotel whih has a gigantic sign that says “Do you want to sleep with me?” and I just thought it was funny so you can check those out in the Photo Gallery.