Today is a very sad day for me because I found out that my band director at Drexel passed away yesterday, Myron Moss was a really good person, a brilliant band director and was always very encouraging and understanding. My favorite memory of Dr Moss is when he was conducting this one piece of music and got really emotional and his hair got flipped up and stayed that way for half the concert before a clarinet player finbally got his attention to tell him it was sticking up. He was a pretty funny guy(even sometimes when he wasn’t trying to be). He was always super passionate about music and inspired us all to be better players. And the most important thing is that he genuinely cared about all his students and always had an encouraging word when we were down.

Here is a (very bad) recording of one of our concerts that Dr.Moss conducted where you can see the passion and love he had for his job, his music, and his students.

Dr.Moss, you will be sincerely missed by this tuba player and I am sure by many other students, faculty, friends and family.  I will continue playing in the concert and pep bands when I return to the USA but it will never be the same without you.  RIP.