I am officially in Madrid for the summer and super excited:) My new apartment is awesome! It feels much more homey and I love it already. I will put up some pics in the Photo Gallery once I get my camera charged. There are six bedrooms here and I believe I have only 4 roommates but I have only met two of them so I’m not sure who everyone is. The ones that I have met seem really nice though. There is a girl from Madrid and a guy from Florence that I have met so far and both were very nice.

I left very early today and took a cab to the airport then kind of wandered around and got a brioche and pear juice for breakfast around 8am and haven’t eaten anything since so I am pretty hungry. Maybe I’ll go out in a bit for some dinner. The nice thing about Madrid is that there is so much more variety than in Milan for food. I can eat more than pizza,pasta and salad!  

Anyways the flight went smoothly(I slept most of the way), and then I took a cab to the apartment’s office where I collected my keys. The girl working there was super nice and helped me bring my bags from the office to my apartment because otherwise I don’;t know if I could have made it. It wasn’t a far walk, but my bags were super heavy and it’s pretty hot here. Anyways, I started to unpack and about half way through I decided to take a 15 minute nap that lasted for an hour lol. Then I finished unpacking spent awhile trying to figure out the password to get onto the internet and now I am updating this blog. 

Anyways, I have arrived safely in Madrid and mom, I am still alive:)