Dear Drexel,

If you are going to continue the EAGLES program, you need to either 1) make grades not as important or 2) plan the program so we have enough time to space the exams out the way they are meant to be taken. I leave for Spain next Monday and before that I have three more exams this week. I had two exams last week and two the week before. I think it is nearly impossible to cram all this information into my head at once and I am not fully doing the classes justice because I have to switch my mindset constantly. And in Italy knowing the general concepts is not enough, you have to know details, dates, fact, figures, graphs, if they even mentioned it in a class a reading or any course material, you need to know it because it will show up on a test.

Granted, I basically changed my major coming over here so many of the students don’t have the same problem as me where they had to take  30 credits a term. Try to plan your Drexel credits so that you only have to take a couple of classes here. Any more than two or three a term grets to be too much with the time frame we have to take exams and get the coursework done. But that doesn’t change the fact  that I am extremely stressed and am not pulling the grades I want because I have to focus on four different subjects(in detail) at once. And I refuse to cheat because that is silly.

I guess I am mad because this was supposed to be a fun/ relaxing year abroad but it has turned out to be as stressful as any other year spent trying to get a degree from Drexel. Drexel, we are officially in a fight from this point forward. As much as  love you I just need a break from all your crap.