Sorry I have been neglecting this blog. I have so many exams to take that I have been pretty stressed out. Plus my Drexel friends are graduating next week so I spent all my down time creating scrapbooks of our time together which was both amazing and emotional. These past five years have been amazing and for those of you moving away, I am going to miss you!

Anyways, I finally put up some of the pictures from Paris that Brian took. They are amazing so you can check them if you want in the Photo Gallery. I also put some pictures of my Italian class. I had my last Italian lesson in Italy ever this week:( It was such a great time and my insegnate and fellow students were amazing! I have made some great friends and I actually did learn some Italian.

You may also have noticed a new section has appeared, Surviving the USA. This is for Italian students interested in studying in America as part of the EAGLES program. I am writing the part for Drexel and my good friend Jackie will be writing the part for UCONN. She has been at UCONN for the past five years as first an undergraduate and now as a masters student, so she is very qualified.

I think I have wasted enough time on thsi blog tonight so I am going to go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow to study. I have an exam, a paper due, and a presentation this week so I had better get cracking.