I have been working pretty much non stop this weekend and will probably be working this hard from now until I leave Europe:( I have about 12 exams to take this month, but hopefully some of my professors will allow me to take my orals exams via Skype in July when I am in Madrid. Otherwise I am going to be extremely stressed for the next month. But I did get a lot accomplished which is good.

Tomorrow is my last official Italian class and it is going to be sad:( My insegnante(teacher) is awesome and I was so lucky to get her two terms in a row!  But it is also a blessing because I can use that extra 4 hours a week to study…or sleep because I have been really tired. I think it’s because it is extremely hot and humid here which always makes me feel lazy and it has been really cloudy which also tends to make me sleepy. Anyways, I will hopefully get to bed early tonight anyways.

I was also feeling especially reminiscent and sentimental this weekend as I worked on my present to my friends who are graduating. One of the toughest things about this program is not being at Drexel to see all my friends graduate and certain people( Christopher McManus!) are moving far away and I won’t get to see them before they leave. I guess that means a road trip is in order, but I am still missing and going to miss everyone like crazy. 

All right I need to get back to studying and then to bed.