So there was another Earthquake in northern Italy this morning clocking in at 5.8 on the Richter scale. Even though it’s around the same magnitude as the last earthquake it felt stronger, possibly because it was closer to Milan. There was also a pretty strong aftershock a couple hours later and although this earthquake toppled some building I don’t think anyone has gotten hurt. Rest assured I am completely fine and have gone about my day as usual.

In other news…who am I kidding there is not other news. June is going to be a month of exams so I am stuck inside studying a lot. It is a beautiful day so Brian and I got some gelato, which was pretty good. Other than that I have been studying. Although, I did take a break to watch The Bachelorette(Don’t knock it until you’ve watched it…it is super addicting!)

Also I wanted to say Happy Memorial Day even though I am a day late. And congratulations to all my Drexel friends who have gotten the senior design monster off their back and good luck to everyone who’s presentation is coming up this week.