Two updates in one day, what? Yeah well I went to get pizza for dinner tonight at the same little restaurant across the street from my apartment that I always go to and when I walk in the door they all know my order. What can I say? I am a creature of habit, and their pizza margherita is amazing. Once or twice I have switched up my order and they are shocked and they always joke with me abotu getting the same thing everytime. But why I am sharing this is because every time I open the box when I get back to my apartment I always think of Home Alone when Kevin says, “A lovely cheese pizza, just for me.” lol.

A lovely cheese pizza, just for me

I am also updating because a small group of Drexel people are coming to visit Brian, Mario and me in Italy! Woohoo. Some of them I know(Amy XD) and some of them I don’t, but it will be nice to see some familiar faces from home. Also Happy Administrators day to anyone who celebrates lol. Today is Liberation day in Italy so there were no classes and May 1st is “May Day'(aka Labor Day) so there are no classes Monday or Tuesday. Also I found out the the rest of the world celebrates the equivalent of labor day in May(in Europe it’s on May 1st), so why does America celebrate in September? I am asking because some Italians were asking me and I had no idea. Is there a reason or was the US just like hey September sounds like a good time to celebrate our laborers?