Sorry I haven’t been updating. Not too much has happened since I got back from my trip to Belgium. I’ve settled into the new term and am just attending classes and studying. This past Saturday was my last Saturday Italian lesson..yay! This is not the end of Italian lessons of course but now I don’t have to wake up for class on Saturday mornings. I am usually up already but I like to have slow mornings on Saturday and catch up on tv show/drink tea and be in general pretty lazy, so now I can do that:)

I am heading to Italian lessons today in a couple of minutes but I figured I would let you all know I am still alive and well. This upcoming weekend is a long weekend and I wanted to go somewhere but I still have an exam from last term that I need to take and I think I will use this time to study for it. But I plan on taking day trips around Milan since I haven’t explored the city that much and possibly to cities close to Milan like Bergamo. But we will have to see.

As many of you probably know I have found a place to live when I go to Spain, where I will be completing the research for my master’s thesis. This is a relief since I was kind of worried about finding an affordable place there since university housing s closed in August and I really don’t speak Spanish. Some of my Spanish friends have been teaching me some phrases and I have a Spanish-English dictionary, but I am worried about the language barrier. After living in Milan for 7months, I know how frustrating that communication barrier can be so I at least want to know the basics like how to give and take directions, how to order food and how to ask for a bathroom lol.

Anyways I have to go or I’ll be late for class.