Well today is the last day I am in Belgium and it has been an amazing trip. Yesterday I didn’t feel so well so I stayed close to the hotel and went back to the city of Brugge in the afternoon to do some shopping and eat some lunch. Only half the stores and restaurants were open though because it was Easter, so i ate at Pizza Hut lol. And then I had chocolate didn’t for dinner, so all in all it was a pretty good Easter.

Today I still didn’t feel great but I really wanted to go out bike riding so I did. On the way out it was great…it was cloudy but not raining and the ride was very pleasant. I rode through the town of Damme and then stopped in Sluis, which is actually in Holland. It is a pretty large shopping town and apparently a lot Belgians go there to shop. I didn’t buy anything but I poked around the shops and then ate some lunch there, which was amazing. I got a croque Maison, which was smoked salmon, apples, tomatoes and melted cheese on toast. It was really good.

Thing started to go downhill once I left Sluis because it started raining and was super windy(the wind was working against me the entire ride home), so I decided to cut my trip a little short and didn’t go up to the coast, which was a really good idea because it was raining pretty hard and super windy and just plain miserable the whole way back and the weather still hasn’t improved. You can see how miserable I was in some of my pics lol. But even with the bad weather the country was still beautiful and I made it home and took a nice hot shower then had some dinner and am now writing to you.

Tomorrow I have to get up super early because it takes about 2 hours to get to the airport and my flight is at 8am so I am going to bed early.