Happy Easter everyone! I can finally eat chocolate and sweets again! I ate some of the chocolate I bought yesterday and it’s really good! You might have seen that I uploaded some more pictures yesterday but I was too tired to write. I spent the day in the city of Brugge yesterday and went to a bunch of museums and wandered around. It is a beautiful little city.

I slept in a bit yesterday and I didn’t end up leaving for Brugge until around 10-10:30ish and got into town around 11am. I started in the central square where the belfry is and bought a ticket for all the museums for only 5 euros, which was awesome. Unfortunately this ticket didn’t over the entrance fee for the three main places I was interested in visiting, which were the Friet Museum(fry museum), Choco-Story, and the Henri Maes brewery. But they have huge discounts for students nothing was very expensive.

The Belfry has 366 steps to the top, which sounds like a lot but was surprisingly easy, especially considering there were a couple of stops on the way up because it includes a museum that is split over a couple of floors on the way up to the top of the tower. It was an amazing view and I took some awesome pictures:) Then I went to the Friet museum, which was cute. I didn’t realize fries were such a big deal in Belgium, but where ever I eat it seems like fries are included. The museum was aimed more towards kids I think, but it was still cool.

After that I headed over to the Choco-Story, which is a museum about chocolate so obviously it was amazing. There was even a sculpture of Obama made out of chocolate which I loved.(You can see a picture in the photo gallery) There was a demonstration of how they make Belgium chocolate and then we got a sample(which I saved for today and it was very good). Then I was pretty hungry so I went to this little family restaurant called De Vlaamsche Pot, suggested by my hotel, and tried some Belgian food. I gt this chicken and mushroom in cream sauce that was suggested by the waiter and it was really good.

Then I headed over to the Brewery visiting a bunch of museums on the way, including the Archeology museum(which was interactive and fun), Gruuthuse museum(which is beautiful), the Memling museum(which was a medical museum but contained a lot of stuff about nuns who staffed the hospitals), and the huge cathedral of Brugge(which was magnificent). Finally I made it the Brewery, but they only had tickets left for an English tour at 6pm and it was only 4pm, but I bought the ticket anyways and decided to wander around town until then. There was a flea market in the center of town which I poked around in. They had some beautiful old candlesticks and artworks and medieval swords, but the only thing I got was a Belgian Waffle from one of the stands and let me just say, you have to come to Belgium to taste the waffles because they are absolutely amazing. I ordered strawberries on mine but it was actually strawberry sauce, but that’s okay because it was still delicious.

After wandering around for awhile I went back to the brewery for my tour and met a nice girl from Hong Kong, Lauris(I don’t know how to spell her name so I spelled it like it sounded). The tour was fun(and warm, which is nice because it’s really cold here) and we got a free(well included in the price of the tour) beer at the end, which was nice. Then I got a Subway sandwich for dinner and headed home. I forgot how much I love Subway. I have yet to see one in Milan, or even anywhere in Italy for that matter. I got back to my hotel around 8:30pm because I got off at the wrong metro stop(again) lol, but it wasn’t too far and I knew where to go so I just walked it back to the hotel. I ate dinner, took a bubble bath, uploaded my photos, then went to bed.

My stomach is a little unsettled today(probably because I ate chocolate too early and I haven’t eaten it in a long time). But I plan on going for a bike ride this morning and then going back to town this afternoon if I still have time:)