I finally got some pictures of my hotel room/trip  up if you are interested. They are in the photo gallery. Yesterday was an awesome but exhausting day. I inadvertently took two of the bike trips on my plan because I got a little lost. In the morning I went biking through the back paths and there were a bunch of beautiful views. I basically followed the train tracks and I am amazed by how environmentally friendly Belgium is. A lot of houses have solar panels on them and they use a lot of wind power. This was not officially on the bike tour but I really enjoyed it lol.

In the afternoon I set out to see the castles of Belgium by bike and the way out was fine, all the bicycle points and directions lined up. I saw a bunch of beautiful landscapes, castles, and a lot of livestock. I stopped for lunch around 2pm and the menu and everything was in Dutch and the owners did not speak english. Luckily there was a nie girl from Britain who helped a little, but I basically just randomly selected something from the menu and hoped I liked it. It was chicken nuggets and fries, which was really lucky. Then I had to return home and unfortunately that’s when everything went wrong.

The directions did not match up with the cycle points and when I looked on the map there was no way the directions they gave were possible. I am sure the directions were wrong and before I realized it I was way out of the way. So I just used the map to find my back which was fine but i didn’t get home until 8:30pm and I started biking at 7:30am. You can imagine that I was exhausted and I don’t think I’ll b able to sit down for a week lol. Plus on the way back I ended up following the bike route I was supposed to go on today so I am just going to spend the day exploring Brugge(especially the choco-factory, which is a chocolate museum/festival). I gave up sweets for lent so I can’t actually eat any chocolate today, but tomorrow is Easter so I can eat it then:)

It is raining today and I don’t actually have a helmet because I didn’t realize they don’t provide them so I don’t feel comfortable taking the bike out. Luckily Brugge is a rather smallish city so I am going to go by foot today. Anyways, I will update you later/tomorrow.