I arrived safely and on time in Belgium this morning around 9:45am but then I had to take a bus to Charleroi, a train to Brussels and then transfered to a train to Brugge. Then I had to take a local bus and ended up getting off on the wrong stop but it was fine because I just poked around for a little bit before catching another bus to the correct stop. Then I found my hotel, which is in a beautiful location(see the pics in the Photo Gallery) and the hotel is fantastic. I have a really nice room and the staff is very friendly.

After I got in I went on a little walk around the hotel area but my bike tour starts tomorrow. Brugge is beautiful and I tok a bus through the city center which is really cute(it reminded me a little bit of Martha’s Vineyard mixed with the Canton Shops I know only like two of you will fully understand the references but let’s just say it’s adorable and I can’t wait to visit it). Anyways, I am exhausted since last night I went to a friend’s birthday party and then talked to my roommate for awhile so I went to bed around 1am and got up at 4am lol. I did catch a few z’s  on the plane and train but I am turning in early since I want to head out early tomorrow.



P.S. Sorry the photos won’t be up today because the internet is slow but they should be up in the next couple of weeks