Sorry I haven’t written in so long there just hasn’t been much to tell, but now there is. I passed half of my exams with grades that meet my standards, but I need to retake/take the others. One is an oral exam that I will schedule in the next couple of weeks and the others I will retake along with my five exams from the current term in July. But that is enough about exams.

The new semester started last week and I am enjoying most of my new classes. However, one of my classes got canceled so I missed some classes the first week. But now I have attended all the classes at least once and I think all of them(with the exception of a Cement/Ceramics class) will be very interesting and useful for my research and future career. I really did not want to take the Cement/Ceramics course but it was the only one that would fit into my schedule and I actually enjoy it because 1) the professor speaks English extremely well, 2) presents the information in an interesting way so that I actually find myself paying attention, and 3) makes the information easy to understand and learn. If anyone from Drexel is reading this, you should hire her as a professor(Maria Diamanti).

I am also super psyched because I am taking Italian lessons again and I got the same teacher as I had last term and she is great! She makes class fun and will repeat thing 5 times if people in the class(mostly me) don’t understand. I always feel like the stupidest person in the class because I have a lot of trouble speaking Italian. I understand a lot of Italian if it is spoken slow enough(which it never is lol) but I can’t respond. Hopefully my Italian will improve this term. And my Spanish speaking friends are teaching me some Spanish so I can get around Madrid when I move there in July.

My time schedule is rough because some of my classes overlap and today is probably my worst day because I have class from 8am-1pm and then from 3-6pm and I have one class that goes from 3-5pm and one from 4-6pm so I am going to have to miss part of one or both of them. But there is the possibility that one of them will be moved to Wednesday so keep your fingers crossed.

My most exciting update is that I will be going to Belgium for Easter on a bicycling tour. Yes, I will be biking around Belgium enjoying chocolate(which I gave up for Lent so it will be extra amazing) and nature. I will update you more on that trip when it happens.

Other than that my life is pretty much spent in class or studying, although I have gotten a couple of books for my kindle which I have been reading. I finished the Hunger games a little while ago(the first book) and haven’t been able to read the others in the series because I really couldn’t help hating the book as much as I loved it. It’s one of those books that I can only read once, I probably won’t see the movie and it will be a long time until i can bring myself to read the others because it was so incredibly tragic. But now I am reading Brave New World, which I am really enjoying. I don’t know who’s read it, but basically it takes place in a future/alternate world where humans are manufactured and conditioned to live a certain way and basically it’s a society with values completely opposite of current society. Anyways, the books kind of scares me because the world actually seems kind of perfect in a way and it is a very thought provoking book(mom you should consider it for your book club) because there are so many issues that are raised about thing like nurture vs. nature, individuality and differences in moral values. Anyways, I am excited to finally have some time to read something other than textbooks so I figured I would share. Has anyone read any of these books?

Anyways, I have to get studying now before class. Sorry again that I haven’t written in a couple of weeks, I did survive finals.