Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I have been busy studying. I finally completed my math exam to my standards and got a decent grade, so I am officially done with two classes now. However, I messed up my polymer exams on Friday. I think I did okay on my Polymer science exam, but I definitely failed my Polymer Rheology. I will probably retake both because I know I can do better on Polymer science, I just had a brain spasm and I don’t think I was well enough prepared for Polymer Rheology, so I will retake them. It is so nice to have that option, especially when your grade depends on one huge exam.

I have more more exam this upcoming Thursday and then I still have one more exam to schedule. But then I will be done until July when I will have 8 exams to deal with(the six classes I am taking next term plus the two polymer exams). I can’t wait until these exams are over so I can get back to traveling;)

The next semester classes start the week after next and I am pretty excited. The first term I took classes that I wasn’t all that interested in to fulfill degree requirements and because they were easy to schedule, but this term I am taking much more interesting topics. One class is a design class where I will be working on various projects with other students, which seems much more fun than straight lectures. I am also taking a computational modeling course, which is math/computer based so it should be a bit of programming as well which is closer to my undergraduate background. I am also taking applied electrochemistry, which is like semiconductor and electrical stuff. Then I am taking a soft matter physics course which should cover some biological engineering topics which will be useful for the research I will be completing for my masters thesis. SO I am excited to start my new classes and am so tired of my first semester courses.

Nothing else new has really happened because my life is exams right now, but hopefully I will have something mroe interesting to report soon.