Hooray! I finally got my permisso sogiorno! I’ve only been in Italy for 4 months;) I waited for three hours in the police station this morning and it was a good thing I brought stuff to study otherwise it would have been such a waste of time. But I can finally relax and not have to deal with that nightmare anymore. Now I can freely travel through europe(well the Schengen countries anyways). But only when I have time.

Right now I am in the middle of the exam period so next week I have three exams and then I have one exam the week after and then I still have one more exam to schedule. But then I will be done! At least for this term, I have another 30 credits(6 classes) plus Italian lessons next term as well so that should be super fun and not exhausting at all(*sarcasm*). Anyways, I have to get back to studying.