Hello again,
My two week tour of Italy is now over and I am back to Milan and studying for exams:( I just finished unpacking and have so much laundry to do, which probably won’t happen until tomorrow lol. As for now I will tell you about the last part of my trip.

The second day in Venice Kate and I went on a tour that was supposed to be an inside look into the life of Giacomo Casanova, but our group only visited like three different places in Venice and I didn’t learn too much more about Casanova than I already knew. But it was still pretty fun and many people in our group got all dressed up for the carnival, which was cool.(You can see the pics on in the photo gallery) Kate and I were planning on getting dressed up and had costumes and masks but we did not try the costumes on before we got there and mine was too loose in some parts and extremely tight in the arms so it was pretty uncomfortable so I didn’t want to wear it all day. But we did ask someone in our hostel to take a pic of us all dressed up for you to see. The picture is in the photo gallery. But we did wear our masks all day which was kind of fun:) One day I hope to go back to the Venice carnival when I am rich and can buy and rent one of the amazing costumes and go to one of the balls(which are like 500 euros). It is definitely on my bucket list, but it was fun just being at the carnival:)

After our tour we ate some traditional cakes prepared around carnival time which were like a mix between fruit cake and donuts. It was pretty good. And we also got real Italian hot chocolate which is literally like pure melted chocolate and is very thick and rich. I couldn’t finish mine but I enjoyed it anyways. Then Kate and I left and took the boat back to our hostel picked up our stuff and headed the the train station where we had left our big luggage. We grabbed some sandwiches and after a little confusion, found our train and headed back to Milan.

We spent the night at this nice little hotel which was much nicer than the housing we had gotten used to, which was mostly just bunk beds in hostels where you had to drag your luggage up five flights of stairs lol. SO it was pretty comfy. I dropped my luggage back at my apartment and then we grabbed some dinner at this little pizza restaurant tucked in a little side street off Corso Buenos Area. It was the best pizza I’ve had in Milan, but not the best I’ve had in Italy(that would be Gino’s in Naples). Then we went to bed because we had to get up early to catch our train to Varenna.

Varenna was a really cute little town with amazing views and Moreno was a great host. Driving anywhere around Lake Como is nerve racking because the streets are narrow and the roads are winding so you can’t see around the next corner and you are nearly always going up or down a mountain where you will plunge 40 feet down if you go off the road. But Moreno was a good driver(he picked us up from the train station and took us to his restaurant which has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and lake.

There, Kate and I learned how to cook fresh pasta, a chicken vegetable dish and Risotto, all of which were delicious. I would highly recommend this class to anyone because Moreno and his entire family are gracious hosts and the experience is totally worth every penny. Plus, it was actually pretty cheap, it was like 50 some odd euros per person which includes the food(there were three different dishes, plus a snack of cheese bread and salami) wine, coffee, pick up from and drop off at the train station, the cooking lessons, and a certificate of completing the course. It was one of my favorite things that I did on the trip:)

After the class, Moreno dropped us off at this walkway that juts out over the ocean and has an amazing view. It is a short walk but a beautiful one and Kate and I toom some great pictures. Then we had a coffee and waited for the train back to Milan. The we waited 45minutes for the stupid bus to the Malpensa airport before taking a cab to the hotel which was only 2 minutes away from the airport. We decided to stay there because Kate had a 6:20am flight this morning so we wanted to be close to the airport. This was the nicest hotel we stayed at the entire time and it was super comfy. We had dinner around 8:30pm and then pretty much went to bed because we got up at 4am this morning for Kate to catch her flight. I left her in the baggage check in line around 5am and took the Malpensa shuttle back to Milan centrale station. Because I am super cheap and didn’t want to take a cab, the metro was closed, and I have a fear of the bus, I walked back to my residence and then basically collapsed into bed around 6:30am-ish. I slept in until 10 am, went ot the grocery store, unpacked and now I am updating this blog.

I am tired and sad my trip is over but OI had a great time and now am ready to study for my exams and (hopefully) pass them. Anyways, I uploaded some of my favorites pics into the photo gallery so check them out if you would like and the rest are being uploaded to facebook as I write to you.
Ciao Belli!