So Kate and I are now in Venice. We left Roma Sunday and went to Firenze(Florence) where we dragged our luggage up 5 flights of stairs to our hostel. Then we wandered around for a bit before getting some dinner. I had risotto with Gorgonzola cheese and wild mushrooms and it was pretty good. Kate had some tortellini thing but I don’t think she liked it much. The next morning we got up early and went to the palace and Boboli gardens, which were still beautiful even in winter. I still want to come see them in full bloom in the Spring though. We also went to the costume exhibit, which was really cool and they had a dress by Roberto Cappucci, who is my favorite Italian designer and I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually able to pick out his work because I am not usually good at stuff like that.

For the rest of the day we just wandered around and did some shopping, ate at the Hard Rock cafe and just enjoyed walking around Florence. There was a chocolate festival going on in the center square, which we went to but didn’t buy anything.We dd sample some free chocolates though:) For dinner we went to this little wine bar that gave a discount for students and free Prosecco which was nice.The hostel had really terrible internet which is why I didn’t update my bolg there, bt rest assured we are still alive:)

We got up early the next morning and took the train to Verona. We left our bags in the left luggage at the train station and took a bus into the city where we got breakfast at a cute little cafe. But then we went the wrong way and took a nice, but unintentional walking tour of the city outskirts. We finally found our way to the center and bought a Verona card. Then we saw the arena and the Castlevecchio and got some cool pictures. We had lunch at a Chinese food place and we shared this delicious strawberry dessert thing that was amazing.

Then we went shopping and I got some cute boots before heading back to the train station to get our bags. We then took a cab to our hostel which was a cute little bed and breakfast although we found out the next day there wasn’t really any breakfast involved lol. It was just some stale cookies and terrible coffee. Also the shower was broken and you had to hold the shower head while you showered which was difficult but the bed was comfy and it was quiet, plus we had our own room, which was nice after staying in shared rooms for the past week.

After we checked into our hostel we headed out into the city again and went to Juliette’s house and Juliette’s tomb and did some more window shopping. We got some gelato in the afternoon, which was not nearly as good as the gelato in Rome, but it was okay. We had a light dinner of pizza and pasta at this little cafeteria and then turned in early. There was no internet available at all at this hostel so I could update again. We got up early the next morning and took a cab to the train station where we hopped on a train to Venice.

We had a nice but unintentional water tour of Venice because we got on the boat going the wrong way so we took an hour long boat ride around Venice and fnally got to our hostel around 12pm. We didn’t get to eat until then so were pretty hungry and got some pizza, which claims to be th best in Venice but was pretty terrible. But we were so hungry we didn’t mind much. We relaxed for a little while before heading out again. We took the boat over to San Marco’s square and went to Doges palace, which was cool. We then went to the basilica before wandering around and enjoying the people and buildings dressed up for the Carnival. Kate got a really cool mask at one of the street vendors and for the rest of the day we just wandered around window shopping and occasionally stopping to take pictures. We got gelato again, but it was not as great as in Rome. Thus far I’ve found that Naples has the best pizza and Rome has the best gelato.

We took the boat back to our hostel and now are just relaxing and I am writing to you. I will hopefully upload my photos from Verona and Venice soon so be on the lookout for that. Also, I only upload my favorite/the most interesting photos to this blog but all my photos will eventually be on facebook if you are interested in seeing the rest. Kate also has a bunch of photos she will eventually be uploading so if you are friends with her you can see those too. I didn’t really take any photos in Florence since it is my third time going there, but Kate took a lot. Tomorrow is an exciting day since Kate and I are dressing up for the Carnival and going on a cool tour:) Anyways Kate and I are going to go to dinner soon so I will hopefully update about the rest our of trip this upcoming weekend.