Kate and I have arrived in Roma and unfortunately it is a yucky day. WE went to the Naples Archeology Museum this morning before we left for Rome and I have uploaded some pictures already. It wasn’t that exciting but it did contain the remains from the secret room in the brothel in the Pompeii ruins. It was pretty funny.

After the museum we wandered around Naples for a little bit and visited a church before printing our train tickets in a fotocopie shop and then we hung out at Giovanni’s hostel until Giovanni called us a cab. I would highly recommend staying at Giovanni’s Home if you are ever in Naples. It is the best hostel I have stayed at in Italy this far and Giovanni is the best host and h cooks food for the people staying and Kate and I met a lot of new friends.

So we like ur hostel in Rome, it is very clean and cozy but now we are just relaxing. There is a 3 euro pasta dinner with a glass of wine tonight which we will have around 7:30pm and then tomorrow we are going to get up early and explore Roma!