Kate and I are still in Napoli, but today we went to see the ruins of Ercolano and Pompeii. Unfortunately, Vesuvius is closed because of the ice and snow up on top so we didn’t go up Vesuvius, but the ruins were very cool. We went with two other girls staying at the Hostel with us, Christine and Gin and tonight we will met them at Gino’s for dinner, but unfortunately now I have to study. They went off to see other attractions but Kate and I are just relaxing at the Hostel. I am going to be sad to leave Napoli tomorrow, but am super excited to see Rome. I could definitely stay in Naples for a long time and will hopefully come back here before I leave Europe.

My camera battery died this morning and so most of the pictures of Pompeii and Ercolano that I will upload are Kate’s. The ruins were interesting to see but we didn’t have an audio tour so I think the pictures will kind of explain our day lol. Anyways I will hopefully update tomorrow or possibly the next day after we have settled in Rome.