Ciao Belli!
Kate and I arrived in Naples yesterday afternoon without much trouble and we are staying at an amazing hostel. The owner, Giovanni is the nicest guy and gave us a map of the city and told us all the great places to go and how to stay safe in Naples. I took a picure of the map and put it in the picures section so you can see how funny it is. The purple area is Mafia territory where Giovanni advised us not to go lol. Then yesterday night we went into the underbelly of Naples and went through the old aquaducts that were used as bomb shelters during world war II. It was kind of creepy but strangely beautiful down there. Everyone staying in the hostel went because Giovanni set up a special English tour for us. Then we kind of split up for dinner with half of us going to Gino’s pizza, which Giovanni claims is the best pizza in the world and thus far I agree. It is certainly the best pizza I’ve had in Italy.

Then we came back to the hostel and everyone hung out and talked and there was some drinking even though Giovanni said if we are drunk we have to sleep on the street lol. But it was fun and we went to bed around 2am then got up around 9:30am to start our day today. We headed out on our walking tour of the city around 10 am and we saw the viel of Christ which is one of the most influential and amazing sculptures in the world. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures, but it was amazing to see. Definitely put it on your to-do list if you come to Naples. We followed the orange line on the map and visited all the green places, which were attractions along the way. We went a bunch of churches, the Duomo, Castel Nuovo and Castello d’Ovo just to name a few. I put some pictures in the pictures section and I will upload more on facebook when I have time. Kate took a bunch of photos too so you can check ut her facebook for that.

Then we had lunch at Il Pomodoro, this restaurant near Castel Nuovo and shared a delicious mushroom pizza, not quite as good as Gino’s but still good. Pizza in Naples is much better than pizza in Milan. Tonight Giovanni is cooking a nice dinner for us, which I am excited for because he cooked us lunch yesterday and it was very good. Anyways, We are headed to Pompeii and Ercolano tomorrow bright and early so I’ll hae more to share then.