Ciao Tutti!
So Kate arrived yesterday without any problems and then we took the bus back to Milano Centrale Station and then took the metro to my apartment where we relaxed for awhile. Then we got some pizza at the little shop across from my building and ate before heading to our first hostel, which was unfortunately a nightmare hostel.

The room was freezing and the bunk beds were extremely rickety. I was on the top bunk and was super scared of the whole thing coming down on our heads. I don’t think either Kate or I got a good night’s sleep because of the cold and the fear of the bed collapsing lol. We were planning on staying in the same hostel when we return to Milan, but changed our reservation today because neither of us wanted to stay there again. But I guess in this case you get what you pay for.

But after we checked into the hostel we walked around Corso Buenos Ares and did a little shopping before heading over to the Duomo to get some pictures. I didn’t take any photos but Kate did so maybe I’ll upload some of them when I get a chance. Then at night we got all dressed up and went to see the Philharmonic Orchestra at Teatro alla Scala and only stayed for the first half because Kate was exhausted from her trip and we were both pretty hungry because it was like 9pm and we ate lunch at 12 and hadn’t eaten anything since.

We ended up going to this cafe in the Duomo square and the food wasn’t very good, but it was warm and open, so it satisfied all of our requirements at that point in time. Then, of course, I forgot my phone so we had to go back to my apartment to get it and then finally went back to the freezing hostel and went to sleep. Then we got up early this morning to catch our flight to Naples.

We had some breakfast in the airport and then we had quite a time getting to the hostel…we had to take a bus from the airport to the train station where we had to take a train and then we walked past the street where the hostel was but luckily we called the owner of the hostel and he told us where to go. Giovanni, the owner of the hostel is awesome and he made us some pasta when we got here and then gave us a map and the run down on where to go and not to go in Naples. Tonight we are going to tour the underground of Naples with a bunch of people from the Hostel so I’ll hopefully update you about that tomorrow or within the next couple of days.