So I survived my first Italian haircut and I really like it. I got a Groupalia deal(which is like the Italian version of Groupon) so I got a cut, color and restorative treatment(whatever that is) and it looks pretty good if I may say so myself. Below is the picture:

My new haircut

And today is laundry day so that’s why you see all the clothes hanging up in the background.(But yes mom, my bed is made) It was a little difficult to communicate because there were two women working, one who spoke very little English and the other spoke no English at all. But they had Google translate on their computer, which helped a lot. I could really use an iPhone or smart phone with the translator app. I also need some sort of GPS because I get lost quite easily. It took me an hour to find the hair salon(I only got lost twice..woohoo!) The reason it took me so long was it was super far away. I didn’t get lost at all on the way back and it still took me 45 minutes. But the hair was a really pleasant little place and the women were very helpful and nice.

I am also super excited because in just 3 days Kate will be here and we will be embarking on our Italian adventure:) I am currently getting ready for it and still trying to prepare for the exams I have left. Unfortunately I did nto do as well as I had hoped on my math exam because I made some careless mistakes, so I will retake it in March, which is fine because now I will be super prepared. I think I did well on my Chemistry exam, but I definitely failed my Polymer chemistry exam. Although the exam wasn’t difficult, I was not prepared as well as I should have been. The day before I really wasn’t feeling well and going into the exam I knew there were two topics that I was wasn’t prepared for and two questions out of three on the exam were based on those topics. So I will have to take that one in March as well., but next time I will be prepared. Unfortunately, I will have to study during my tour of Italy, but only at night when we aren’t doing something fantastic.

Anyways, I have a lot to do so I should get back to work!