This week there were two earthquakes in Milan, one on Wednesday and one on Friday, both clocking in around 5.2 on the Richter Scale. And yes, seismologists have confirmed that they were two separate earthquakes and the second was not just an aftershock. Super strange huh? On Wednesday I was in class when it happened and they made us evacuate the building for a little bit, but there was no damage and no one got hurt. I was at home studying when the one on Friday hit and my wardrobe was shaking a lot and I thought it might tip, but it didn’t and everything was fine. I think it knocked out the streetlights for awhile because for a couple hours after the quake there was a lot of car horns and sirens going off, which is not very common in Milan. It made Milan feel more like Philly lol. I don’t think there was any damage with the second quake ether because neither quake was very strong or lasted very long.

Other than that, I have really just been cooped up studying so there is not too much more interesting to report.