So I finally got everything straightened out on Tuesday with my residence permit. I only waited 3 and a half hours in the police station and then went to go talk to an officer who was the original person I saw in October and he was like “I remember you why are you back here?” and I had to explain that my phone number was wrong and they told me I had to bring all my paperwork again. He just rolled his eyes and accepted my paperwork and told me it would be about 15days-a month until I actually get my residence permit. He didn’t speak any English but spoke super slow so I mostly understood and he was pretty nice about the whole thing. So I just hope everything is okay now.

Also I am getting super excited for Kate to come because we are going to have an amazing time traveling around Italy:) I have to pass exams first though:( Also happy b-day to Kate(it was yesterday but I didn’t have time to update so I am doing it now). We have a lot of amazing things planned like going to the symphony, goign to the Venice Carnival, and attending a cooking class in Como. So I will be updating a lot during our trip to let you know how its going…but only if we have time lol.

Anyways, back to studying.