So this weekend I have been particularly productive except for today. I have been waking up at 6am because I tend to work better in the morning and usually study all day. I spent most of this morning doing chores like laundry, getting groceries and cleaning. I started studying around 11am and an hour later I am taking a break because I am having trouble focusing.

I see people from my classes updating their Facebook statuses with things like “going tonight” and “out shopping” and I am wondering how they aren’t stuck inside studying for exams. I am starting to panic that exams are only a week away, so I can’t imagine why they have such a cavalier attitude about the whole thing. I have found, in general, students are more relaxed here. Maybe because they can take the exam several times? Or maybe because there is literally no work given throughout the semester until the end? It just seems like people don’t care as much about grades here in general. However, because Drexel is actually transferring my grades instead of just doing it pass/fail, I am really worried about doing well. I don’t want to kill my GPA in Italy.

Tuesday I have to go back to the police station to once again present my paperwork to get my residence permit:( Wish me luck that everything finally gets worked out.