Hello all,
So this week started off very poorly. I lost the keys to my room then went to the police station to turn in my paperwork for my residence permit(again) because they recorded my phone number wrong and now I have to produce all the documents for it again. Then I found out I didn’t do so well on my math test so I am going to have to take it again at the end of this month. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it just adds more stress to the end of the term.

Anyways, Milan is my least favorite place in the world now. I love Italy, but Milan is just a terror. Although safer than Philly, there are no set rules. For the residence permit, the first time you get it you are only supposed to show your visa, health insurance and acceptance letter. However, they are making me show bank statements because they can I guess, evenly though it says explicitly on the instructions and in the Poli Milano handbook that for the first time you do not need to show this document. But the other problem is they are extremely stubborn and refuse to change what they say even if they are wrong. It is better to just do what they want or they’ll cause you bigger problems.

It is also amazing to me that opening and closing times of stores are so arbitrary. If an office says it is open from 9-5pm, that usually means around 10am or whenever the workers feel like coming in until they feel like leaving, usually around 4pm. But they take at least an hour for lunch around 12-1 and you can’t forget the coffee breaks throughout the day. And these are official offices as well as stores. It is madness.

However, I really enjoy traveling around and can’t wait for my Italy tour in February. I especially can’t wait to go to southern Italy because everyone I have met from down south is very friendly and it should be beautiful. I am currently finishing up the term and studying for my exams. Which is why the residence permit stuff is stressing me out so much, because I don’t have time to deal with it.

Yesterday I went to a presentation for Italian students interested in studying abroad to talk about studying in the USA and being a part of the EAGLES program. I think that half the audience didn’t understand me because I spoke in English not Italian. But I understood some of the questions they asked and some of the answers so it was a good way to get more used to the Italian language. I still have a lot of trouble speaking Italian, but my understanding of the language is getting better. I also am starting to understand why I don’t see many Italian studying at Drexel and in the USA in general because education here is extremely cheap compared to the US. Most people have scholarships and I think even if they pay full tuition to Poli MI is is only 500euros a year!

Anyways, I have to go back to the police station next Tuesday to present the rest of my paperwork so wish me luck.