So this week was filled with studying because I had a test on Thursday. I didn’t study over the holidays so I only had a few days to prepare and I thought I was ready, but two out of five questions on the exam were about the maximum principle, which I only skimmed over in my studies so I think I will retake the exam at the end of the month. This s good because I will definitely be prepared this time, but bad because that means I am taking 4 exams in 3 consecutive days. Yuck! But I am going to start studying now so hopefully I will be ready.

Yesterday was a terrible day. I waited in a police station for 4 hours to pick up my residence permit only to find out that there was a problem and they need to see my documents again. SO not only did I waste my time and not have a residence permit yet, I have to go back on Monday to give them the documents and then if everything goes well I have to wait another month for my residence permit. So I was pretty pissed, but I don’t plan on leaving the country in the next two months so hopefully everything will work out okay.

I am getting into the really busy time in the semester because classes are ending and exams are coming up so my life will pretty much be school and studying until February 2nd. Then Kate comes and we go on our Italy tour which should be super fun. I will be glad to get a break from Milan and see the rest of the country:)