Sorry I haven’t written in awhile, this week was pretty uneventful except for classwork and fellowship applications. The NDSEG fellowship is due today, but I thought it was due yesterday so I already submitted it. Now I am just waiting for two of my references to submit their letters of recommendation. I think I have just one more fellowship to apply for, but I really can’t get myself to actually fill out the application. They are so much work:( But not as much work as Chemistry. Our rewrite of the exam was due Wednesday and everyone was freaking out because even with all materials available to us including the internet and other chemistry professors, we STILL had trouble fnding the answers to some of the questions on the test. Then yesterday in class, the professor went over one of those questions and the reason we couldn’t figure it out is because we didn’t actually learn the material until yesterday, one month after the original test lol. But what are going to do? I think I did okay on the test and if not, I can always take the oral exam. I love the Italy system that gives you three or four chances to pass a test. In the US if you fail the test, you fail. No ifs, ands, or buts, so it’s kind of nice to have extra chances to redeem yourself. It takes some of the pressure off.

Anyways, my friend Liliana(the one from Mexico, I have two friends named Liliana) is going home for vacation and we decided to have a little celebration before she left so she, Carlos, Lesya, and I got beer from the grocery store and froze our butts off drinking in a park after classes. We finally wised up after a couple of beers and went to aperitivo at a nice warm restaurant. For those of you who don;t know(because I didn’t before I came to Italy), aperitivo is usually between 7pm and 10pm and you buy a drink or two and then you can eat all you want at the buffet they set out. So we just had some dinner and talked, mostly about stereotypes that people in our countries have about other countries, so it was very interesting and enlightening. I also found a friend for the holidays! Lesya is stuck in Milan like me so we are probably going to get together and have Christmas dinner or something so I won’t be alone:)

Another development this week is that I now have to pay for laundry and there is only one laundry room for the whole uilding now. It is downstairs in the basement, and it seriously looks like a scene straight out of a horror film. The elevator down makes this really eerie clanging noise when it reaches the bottom floor and the you step out and its really dark because the lights are on a motion sensor. Even when they do turn on they are pretty dim and there’s water dripping from the ceiling. Plus the washing machines make an eerie hum when they are on combined with the sound of the worker drilling outside, so when I first went down there I was waiting for Jason or Freddy to jump out from somewhere with a chainsaw or something. But on the plus side, there are a lot more washers and there are actually dryers! Yay! Not that I’m going to use them because I am cheap and don’t want to spend the extra 50 cents and my roommate lets me use her drying rack, so I don’t really need to dry my clothes. Also the washing machine are a lot bigger so you can do more laundry in one load. I had three weeks worth of laundry that I did in two loads yeah! The new washers also clean my clothes better, so I guess I don’t mind the new laundry room, I just wish it wasn’t so creepy.

This weekend is going to be pretty boring as is next week. I am just studying this weekend and maybe meeting up with some friends Sunday. Then next week, a lot of people are leaving for the break and so I am going to be sending my notes from classes to a bunch of people who didn’t think we would have class lol. So it should be a quiet week. Anyways, I am still alive in case you were getting worried.