I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend was amazing:) Mine was kind of lonely and I’ve been feeling awfully homesick lately. It’s probably because I haven’t gone travelling or gotten out much because of fellowship applications and tests and stuff, and also I missed being with family for the holidays. Also, my friend bailed on shopping this weekend and everyone else was already busy, so I just stayed in and relaxed. But it was really boring and I think that is contributing to the homesickness. I know Christmas will be the hardest though, so I think I may go stay in a hostel over Christmas so I won’t be alone. Now that I see that in writing it sounds really pathetic, but it might actually be really fun.

I have been learning more Italian, but I feel like I should know more than I do since I’ve been in Italy for three months already. But outside of Italian classes and the grocery store, I don’t use my Italian that much. The problem is, that when I start to speak in Italian, Italian people assume I am fluent and start talking a mile a minute and then I am so lost. I can usually understand what people are saying, but I can’t speak back in Italian so I just say Si, ho capito, which means yes, I understand. But I like to bring my friend Lilian places with me like the copy shop and stuff because she is a native Spanish speaker so is better at speaking/understanding Italian than me.

Anyways, I am thinking I may go somewhere next weekend, possibly Genoa because its close, but we shall see. At the very least I will go explore more of Milan, possibly go to a museum or two. Also, good luck to everyone at Drexel taking finals next week!