Happy Thanksgiving!
I took my first test in Italy and it went okay(I think). We shall see. Luckily, there is an oral exam for people who want to bring up their grade in case I didn’t do so well. But I am thankful it is over. I miss everyone in the States today because the rest of the world does not celebrate Thanksgiving for obvious reasons. Surprisingly most people haven’t heard of Black Friday either. For those of you waking up out of your Turkey coma at 3am tomorrow to catch the best deals, I wish you luck and am sad that I won’t be going with you. I am grateful that I missed traveling in the pouring rain yesterday, though.

It is kind of sad that my family is all split this year with me being in Italy and John going to Cape Cod instead of Illinois, but I am very thankful for skype and the opportunity to even be in Italy:) In honor of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I may go Christmas shopping with my friends this weekend, but many of them are going to Romagna this weekend so we’ll have to see. I still have fellowship applications to do that I am dragging my feet on, but NPSC is due the 30th, so I have to get my act together pretty quickly. Today I am relaxing after my test and watching Friends playing games on my Kindle. For some reason I am still not tired. This is the last time I have more than one coffee in a day. Even though it helped me focus on my test I am starting to think I may not be going to sleep today haha.

For those of you who do not know, I haven’t been travelling very much because I am taking two big trips. The first will be right after Christmas through New Years when Paul comes. We are going to meet up in London and spend the New Year in England and Scotland in three cities: London, Liverpool and Glascow. Then Kate is coming in February and we are doing a two week Italy tour complete with wine tours, the most famous works of art, an opera, and a cooking class in Como! I am super excited for both trips and am saving my money for them. Plus once I get my research plan together, I will hopefully be travelling to Madrid again. I’ll admit that I like Madrid a lot better than Milan because Milan is more of a working city like Hartford(but a lot less ghetto) whereas Madrid is more exciting like Chicago or New York.

Since this blog is partially for family and partially for any future Drexel students who are interested in studying abroad in Italy/Spain I am going to be adding a tips for success section or something along those lines for people coming to the program. My tip of the day is: if you come to Italy, know at least a little Italian. Even knowing how to say, “I don’t speak Italian, do you speak English?”(Non parlo Italiano, parle Inglesi?) will get you a long way, because if you stray out of the super touristy areas, no one speaks English. But Italians are generally pretty friendly and are really good at figuring out hand gestures and stuff so you can get along.

Anyways, mom, I am still alive.