Hello Folks,
I am pretty nervous about Thursdays chemistry test. There is a lot of material, a lot of which I don’t understand. But when I talk to everyone else in the class, everyone is possibly more lost than I am. Unlike Drexel where the entire class failing is the norm and every professor curves the class(even if they say they won’t), they don’t curve here so I need to do well. If anyone can explain molecular symmetry to me like how to determine point groups, analyze characterization tables, and find symmetry species, it would be very much appreciated:)

On the plus side, I find that my Italian is improving without me even noticing. I have to ask people less and less how to say thing and even though my grammar isn’t perfect and my verb conjugation is sometimes off, I generally know how to say what I need to:) I mean I can’t say everything, but I can have a short conversation about the weather or where I come from and what I did during the day.

Anyways, this Thursday while you are all enjoying your turkey, cheesy potatoes/party potatoes, seven layer salad, pretzel jello and all the other amazing Thanksgiving food, I will be taking my Chemistry test, so say an extra prayer before dinner for me!

My desk as I study for Chemistry 😦