I think I’m starting to lose my mind because I am feeling really tired today and am feeling guilty about not studying for the huge Chemistry test I have next Thursday. For some reason the little voice in my head telling me to study sounds like an angry black lady, so every time I go to plan Kate and my trip to Italy or catch up on the newest episode of Psych I hear, “Oh I know you didunt just open that browser girl. Nuhuhuh, now you gonna fail that test cause you lazzzzy.” lol.

I have been studying for this test since last weekend, but the teacher just threw us a curve ball and added two more chapters that will be covered on the test. Luckily, I have tomorrow and all weekend to study:) Nothing super exciting has happened this week. I am super psyched about Kate coming to visit me in February. I am currently planning possibilities for our trip and it’s going to be awesome. I will post more when I know more, but I am thinking of going to Venice, Naples(and surrounding areas), Rome, Tuscany(Florence, Pisa), and Lake Como/Lake Garda:)

Anyways, I am still alive and just living the engineering college student life-I had to specify engineering student so you would know I wasn’t partying all the time ;).