I finally feel 100% better today. Hooray! But now I am super stressed because my NSF application is due Monday and my research proposal in not finished. I have been working really hard on it, but it is difficult for me to express what I am trying to say for some reason. Now is not the time for me to be getting technical writers block. And a certain busy professor at Drexel, not mentioning any names(Dr. Fontecchio) is not contacting me back, so if you are reading this please answer my e-mail.

But don’t worry, I have this weekend to get everything together and my personal and previous research essays are in good shape. Also, I did pretty well on my GREs so I am happy:) I was the first person to take the new GREs in case you didn’t know, which is a pretty interesting accomplishment. I got a free t-shirt and got interviewed lol.

Anyways, I have two more classes today and then I am free! Except for Italian class on Saturday, so I am devoting this entire weekend to making my NSF application amazing. I am probably going to start studying for my Chemistry test which is on Thanksgiving day:( I had hoped to Skype with the Kowalski side of the family, but I may have to talk to you guys the next day:/ It is going to be really weird being in Italy for Thanksgiving since no one celebrates. This would also be the first time in 7 years that I would actually eat Turkey. Even though I say I eat chicken and fish I don’t think I’ve actually eaten much meat since being in Italy. I had chicken wings with Wade in Madrid, but other than that I usually just stick to my usual way of eating(veggies, fruit, dairy, cereal and sweets although I should cut out the sweets).

Well now I have to leave for class. Wish me luck for NSF(It’s one of the most prestigious fellowships for graduate studies for those of you who don’t know)