Ugh, today I feel terrible. I woke up this morning extremely tired and did not think much of it. I figured all my traveling was catching up to me. Then I went to class in the pouring rain and my feet got soaked. I was still feeling okay though and went grocery shopping. When I got back I started to feel a little under the weather and I figured it was because it was rainy. Then the headache started and the stomach ache and it progressively got worse. One of the kids staying at the hostel was coughing a lot and it seemed like he was always sleeping so I really hope he wasn’t sick and that I didn’t get any of his germs or I will be very unhappy. I am lying down now, but I really don’t feel well. Hopefully I can make it to my next class but we will see. I have Italian lessons tonight too and I really don’t want to miss that:(
Wish me luck,