I am of course back in Milano today. I got back around midnight last night. Saturday was such a fun day. Wade(another American I met in the hostel I stayed at) and I went to the Palacio Real(the Royal palace) and waited for an hour in the freezing cold to get in. We both didn’t realize it would be so cold and didn’t pack cold weather clothing. But it was fine and we survived.

The Royal Palace was amazing. It was too bad we couldn’t take pictures inside because it looked like a movie set and everything was beautiful. After the Royal palace we took an unplanned walking tour of Madrid because we decided to walk to the Hard Rock Cafe, which was great because we got to see a lot of the city and took some pictures. You can check out some of my favorites in the Gallery section or look at the entire album on facebook.

Wade is my new favorite travel buddy because he wanted to share a meal at Hard Rock so we could get dessert:) I didn’t realize how much I missed greasy American food lol. We got an appetizer plate with stuff like chicken tenders, potato skins, onion rings etc. Then he got a sundae and I got this chocolate peanut butter thing and we shared the desserts. It was a really nice day and then we stopped back at the Hostel and I got my stuff and then went to catch my plane.

My plane had to fly through a storm and it was the first time I ever experienced real turbulence while flying. At one point something happened and our plane dropped a few feet and I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. Some girl screamed and I couldn’t help laughing. Then a couple minutes later one of the flight attendants walked back to the bathroom with a bunch of barf bags lol. The landing was a little rough too, but I am still alive:)

Overall it was a very good weekend and I am excited to go back to do research over the summer:)