Yesterday was my first full day in Madrid. There is a Starbucks right next door to my hostel so I went there for breakfast. Then I went to go meet my research advisor and got lost. I made it to the UPM campus but apparently the different schools within UPM have like mini campuses and no one from different schools knows where to find the others lol. I went into the Medicine building and was asking where Building C was and everyone was really confused but finally someone who spoke English showed me a map. I tried speaking English and Italian but no one here speaks either lol.

Anyways, I finally found where I was supposed to go and Dr. Barrios showed me around his lab, which was awesome. The clean room there is actually a clean room and they have all sorts of fabrication and characterization equipment. Then I ate lunch with one of Dr. Barrios’s graduate students and then headed home. I didn’t get lost at all this time:) Then I kind f just relaxed in the Hostel for awhile and planned my day for today. Then I went and ate dinner all by myself which was actually quite pleasant. I went to this little Italian place and order pizza and dessert. I just brought my kindle and read and spent about two hours there. I decided not to get Spanish food because I didn’t know what anything was and I was afraid of ordering meat.

Luckily, today I have a translator ! I met this very nice kid, Wade, who is teaching English in southern Spain and who speaks Spanish decently well because he is a Spanish major. We went and got drinks last night and then he ordered tapas because he hadn’t eaten yet.(Don’t worry Paul he’s gay lol)

Today Wade and I are planning to go to the Royal Palace and then to the Hard Rock cafe so I’ll update you probably tomorrow on how everything goes. My fight is at 8pm tonight so I won’t get back until around 11pm/12pm.