I am writing to you from Madrid. My flight went well but then I got lost getting to my hostel in Madrid. I got out of the Metro in a weird way and then asked an information shop for directions but they didn’t speak English well(it was the Asian district) so the I wandered around for 2 hours and got a nice tour of Madrid lol. No one spoke English except for this guy who was handing out invites to a club. Luckily o cards had a map and he showed me where to go and just in time too because it started raining. I had an umbrella and was only in the rain for like 5 minutes so it was fine.

I met some nice people at my hostel. One girl is from Ukraine, one guy is from Italy, one guy was from Australia and one guy was from South Africa. Unfortunately, I didn’t get their names, but maybe I can ask tomorrow. Everyone is heading to bed or sleeping here even though its only 10:30pm(my kind of people lol). So I am going to do the same. I will hopefully update tomorrow. Also my thoughts are with everyone in CT right now freezing in the early snow storm without power. Good luck!