I am updating at 6am here before I head out to catch the bus to Tuscany! I hope that I have everything:) Classes were pretty much the same this week. Some were boring, some were interesting. The last class I have on Thursday is with a professor that no one likes. He doesn’t speak English and he always shows up really late and then keeps us in class late even if we have another class after wards. Yesterday he promised to let us out early (at 5pm instead of 5:15pm, not that long) if we skipped the break in the middle of class. And then he still kept us until 5:12pm. Also after 5pm, half the class just got up and left and the other half were talking and not paying attention. But he is going to try to end the class early so we can get a longer break in February:)

Also, Poli Milano is not holding classes on Monday or Tuesday of next week because it is a holiday I guess? I don’t think they celebrate Halloween so it must be a holy day of obligation or something…maybe all Saint’s day? SO anyways, I don’t have classes at all Monday or Tuesday:)

Well I have to go get ready for my trip!