Today I finally got my fingerprints taken for my residence permit so now I just have to go back in a month to collect the official document:) But it was a rainy, freezing and miserable day. I tried to take the metro to the police station, but ended up getting lost and walking in the rain. Then I walked back home in the rain to prevent getting lost again. I figured out later that all I needed to do was switch to a different line and get off at the next stop and I would have been practically on top of the police station. But live and learn I guess.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am now fully convinced that Francesca is the best Italian teacher. She is giving us Saturday AND Monday off for Halloween and after to talking to other people who just listen to Italian and translate the entire class, we play games the entire time. Pictionary rules! And I am learning a lot. All my friends want to switch into her class >:)

Well that is all that really happened today.