Since I last wrote to you all, a few new things have happened. I have officially have three references that have agreed to write recommendations for me for my fellowship applications:) The applications are coming along well too and I did some work on my essays for them this weekend.

I also heard back from my lab adviser at UPM (Universidad Polytecnica de Madrid), so I am going to travel there the weekend of Nov.3-5 to discuss a research plan. I want to get to work on that because I will not have much time to do research when I finish classes at Poli Milano. I also need to find a research advisor here at Poli Milano because I need one to review my thesis so I can get my degree from Poli Milano. Also there may be lab facilities here that I would be able to use to do my research. So it seems that is falling into place.

I am having trouble getting my residence permit. Last week I went to get my fingerprints taken but something was wrong with the computer so now I have to go tomorrow at 8am. My friend Lilliana told me that because it my first time obtaining the permit I have to go to a special place, so if I have trouble tomorrow at the Polic Station I will ust go where she told me. Also, the place is apparently near the US consulate in Milan, which is probably a place I should visit to let the US government know I’m here.

I think I got the best Italian teacher, not only because her classes are fun(we played pictionary today), but because she gave us the Halloween weekend off. This is amazing because I was going to miss class Saturday anyways because I am going to Tuscany, so now I won’t miss any class:)

Well that’s about all that is new in my life. Oh and Happy Birthday to a Miss. Laura Speers!