Hello all,
So it is another pretty boring weekend being spent studying and relaxing. Next weekend I am going to Tuscany though so I am super excited! I am resting up now because I plan on not sleeping much when I am in Tuscany because there will be so much to do:)

I had Italian lessons this morning which was pretty fun as usual. But there were only like five people there, probably because it was Saturday morning at 9:15am. But I feel like I am learning more Italian which is awesome:) Hopefully I will be fluent by the time I return to the states.

My new goal for this week is to find the gym and get access to it, which requires getting some sort of physical to prove I am healthy enough to use the gym. My friend Mario had done it already so I will ask him where I need to go and everything, but I have been feeling super lazy lately. Anyways, I am still alive and will keep you updated on my Tuscany trip:)